First Cherokee Delegation visit London, England


In 1730, at Nikwasi, a Englishman, Sir Alexander Cumming convinced Cherokees to crown Moytoy of Tellico as “Emperor.” Moytoy agreed to recognize King George II of Great Britain as the Cherokee protector. Seven prominent Cherokee, including Attakullakulla, traveled with Sir Alexander Cuming back to London, England. This Cherokee delegation “signed” the Treaty of Whitehall with the British.

…according to the accompanying text of the above engraving by Isaac Basire:

“As soon as they arriv’d they were conducted to Windsor, & were present at the Installation of Prince William & the Ld. Chesterfield. The Pomp & Splendour of the Court, and ye Grandeur, not only of the Ceremony as well of the Place was what Struck them with infinite Surprize and Wonder. They were handsomely entertain’d at his Majesty’s Charge, & Cloath’d with These Habits out of ye Royal Wardrobe. When the Court left Windsor they were brought to Town and proper Lodgings & Attendance provided for them near Covent Garden. They were entertain’d at all ye Publck Diversions of the Town, and carried to all Places of Note & Curiosity. They were remarkably Strict in their Probity and Morality. Their Behaviour easy & courteous; and their Gratitude to his Majesty was often express’d in a publick Manner, for ye many Favours they receiv’d.”