Aunt Lillian letter, August 2nd, 1946

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Tahlequah, Okla Aug 2, 1946 –

Dear Little Suzanne,

I’m sending you a little dress for your birthday, sorry to be so long about finding you something, but we have to go to Muskogee to get things for sweet little girls like you, and have been so busy that our trips over there have been scarce and far between.

I know you’re anxious for your little baby brother or sister to come – so are we – well it won’t be long now, then you can bring “it” and Mother & Daddy and come and visit us for a long stay. Wouldn’t that be fun? Only thing Chooch doesn’t have his horse anymore but he could take you riding on his motorcycle. He took Ann yesterday and she thought it was fun.

Tell Mother Grandpa is not feeling so well, he doesn’t have much appetite and is nauseated when he eats – he will be glad when you all come to see us. I guess you’ll have to sing to him. I heard that you knew some songs that he likes.

Why don’t you come and stay with us now? Ann has lots of time to play with little girls, and every day the milk man leaves a quart of ice cream, you could just have tea parties every day – wouldn’t that be fun?

I must stop and help Uncle Leon, he’s the “Butcherman” and I take their money – we really have a lot of fun – especially while he’s selling’em lots of meat and I’m taking in lots of money. ha! Ann helps us too.

Write to us real soon – Ann was so glad to get your letter also the lovely slip for her birthday. She will write you real soon —

Lots of love to all, Aunt Lillian.