From one mother to another mother

Among Suzanne’s collections was a letter, written a few weeks after the Wedding of Fools (son Chris Griffith to daughter-in-law Shari Aronson), from Shari’s mother Florence to Suzanne.


Dear Suzanne & Clyde,

Here is your set of photocopies that I made. Some have descriptions from one set, but many need you to follow your field guide and fill in! (There was a delay in that the color copier at the Copy Center I go to ran out of color developer and send to Phoenix for more…)

I’m showing summary copies to friends and enthusiastically telling about the most unique and wonderful wedding ever.

I enjoyed the short time we had together, but things did get busy with our many activities. I do hope that you can visit us in AZ. (Probably end of Feb-March are nicest weather-wise & maybe desert spring flowers) and spend more time together. I do need some warning to clear our guest room of puppets, photos, and sewing materials…

Suzanne, I am interested in the history of your Cherokee ancestors. I listened and I think it was your grandmother and grandfather who were leaders at either end of the Trail of Tears. I really need to read it to get it straight. So I would appreciate that info. and any other.

I’m also enclosing a copy of a beautiful translation of a Hebrew prayer said during memorial services this past week.

Well, I’d better pack this up and get it in the mail. I have a few others to do, also. Then, I have to prepare for first Spanish class, describing the wedding in Spanish.

We wish you a good and healthy new year.

Love, Florence & J.

There is an end to the flames

We see no more and are no more seen.

Yet we do not despair, for we are more than a memory slowly fading into the darkness.

With our lives we give life

Something of us can never die

We move in the eternal cycle of darkness and death, of light and life.