Kimberling City, Missouri: 1971-1976

“Source Unlimited” – the preschool and creative arts center Suzanne created in Kimberling City

By the summer of 1971, Clyde had accepted a call from the John Calvin Presbytery in Springfield, Missouri, and the family moved to Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri.

The next five years were remembered by Suzanne as some of the most pleasurable years of her life, as she raised her two children, founded a pre-school and creative arts center (Source Unlimited), created a small private clinical practice, and opened a non-profit bookstore together with Clyde.

When we moved to Kimberling City, Missouri, on Table Rock Lake, in 1971, our son Christopher was one year old. Suzanne spent a couple of years searching for and seeking out other children in the general area.
Eventualy she found 8-10 children his age that lived within 10 or 12 miles whose parents were also seeking peer group interaction with other children. She asked questions and ascertained that there was a real need for some sort of preschool to help these kids learn socialization skills and begin to identify who they are in reference to others.
We came across a couple who were making their way in the Ozarks by him making ceramic pots which he sold in a shop in front of their home. They also owned a barn which she was converting into a theater and developing a puppet show production to occupy tourists, and they owned another small house on the main drag, Highway 13, from Branson to Kimberling City. She was most agreeable that a good use of this property would be for a preschool if Suzanne would develop it and run it. Which she did.
The mother of one of Christopher’s playmates happened to be certified in child therapy and agreed to be a part of the project. The Source Unlimited Learning Center opened in the fall of 1974 with a full house of 8 children.
It operated for two years until we moved from there in 1976.

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