Letter from Mrs Griffith to her Dear Daughter-in-Law

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May 5, 1964

Dear Suzanne

Well, How’s my favorite daughter-in-law today? I hope you’re well.

Are you still planning to come over for the anniversary party the 17th?

What about plans for going to California, are you still going to try to get out there in time to enroll for Summer school?

I’m in the middle of painting the kitchen, things are strung out all over the house.

This morning, I had to make a flag for Carol Jo’s Campfire group and I have to pick the girls up at school and take them on a hike today. (I may never finish the kitchen)

Kathy and Carol Jo are both playing on soft-ball teams. Carol Jo has her first game tomorrow and she’s really excited. She says she’s the best batter, catcher, and pitcher they have on the team.

Let us hear from you soon.

Much love, Mrs. Griffith

[The anniversary was the 50th for Lurene and Clyde, grandparents to Clyde]