May 21st, 2019

Today, May 21st, is my wife’s birthday.
No matter that she has been deceased for nearly six months now;
no matter that I have been officially classified as a widower by the Social Security Administration, and all of the financial institutions that I encounter;
no matter that I personally feel more alone than at any other time of my life;
I readily acknowledge Suzanne Grant Griffith as my wife, my spouse, my helpmeet, the mother of our children, the one person who came to know me – my thoughts, my needs, my concerns, my ideas, my beliefs, my theology – better than anyone.
Although I frequently tried to tell her, she could not have known the influence she had on the person I have come to be over the 55 years she was a part of my life. And there is no way for you to know.
Forgive me for using this way of publicly acknowledging Suzanne’s place in my life – even in her death.
Yes, I miss her counsel,
yes, I miss sharing with her,
yes, I miss her needing my help,
yes, I miss her in so many ways every day;
but, I am aware that she is so much a part of being who I am – our lives were so intertwined – that she has not left at all. I feel her deep presence in so many ways that she has not really left at all.
Thank you, Suzanne, for choosing to team up with me for 55 years – and I look forward fo what is next for us . . .