Norfolk, Virginia (1965 – 1967)

Norfolk, Virginia: 1965-1967

Laurie on the beach in Puerto Rico

In December of 1965, Clyde had a month leave after a year of full time engagement on the U.S.S. Pyro, and orders to report to another ship located in Norfolk, VA. Suzanne and Clyde both were excited to put behind them the anxious days of delivering bombs and ammunition to the South China Sea, and were ready to leave the West Coast.

The U.S.S. Guadalcanal in Norfolk was an aircraft carrier transporting helicopters and marines. During his service on the ship, he took a cruise in the Carribean, as well as picking up astronauts from the Gemini 10 spacecraft recovery.

Suzanne wrote in her Letter to Jayni Mosher:

Suzanne in Puerto Rico

Laurie and I got to visit in Puerto Rico for about 10 days where Clyde had leave, in mid cruise. It was also only a four month cruise to begin with. After this cruise, his ship was “in drydock” for upgrading and repairs for a year, Clyde had the equivalent of shore duty. During this time, we began making plans for Clyde to resign his commission at the close of his four year obligation. He wanted to attend Seminary at SFTS in San Anselmo, CA and I needed a vocation that could support us! So in September, 1966, I began graduate studies in social work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. I completed my first year there, and also verified that it was an occupation with which I could be happy.

Her graduate studies involved a 200-mile commute twice a week from Norfolk to Richmond, and a field placement in Norfolk the rest of the week.

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