San Anselmo: 1967-1971

In 1967, Clyde finished his four year obligation to the US Navy, and resigned his commission. The young family decided to once again move across the country, returning to California so that Clyde could enroll at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Suzanne became a caseworker with Contra Costa Social Services Department.

The next year, Suzanne enrolled in a graduate program at the University of California at Berkeley. In her Letter to Anadarko High School Alumni, Suzanne writes of her experiences at Berkeley during this unique moment in history:

Attending Berkeley was an interesting experience on a couple of fronts:

I began a clinical placement at the San Francisco V.A. hospital in the mental health unit.

I also attended classes on the Berkeley campus during one of the most tumultuous years of Berkeley’s history. Student demonstrations and

Laurie, Carrie Grant, Suzanne

unrest were a constant. “The people’s park” was a “cause celeb”, as was the Vietnam war.

I tried to attend classes regardless of “student restlessness”. Often classes were convened off campus in local bars, restaurants, or homes of students or professors because it was not deemed safe to be on campus.

One of my most memorable moments occurred during a final exam in a classroom on campus. About an hour into the exam my classmates, professor and I became aware that the room was rapidly filling with a gaseous substance.

We quickly exited the building to discover the campus perimeter was surrounded by a “wall” of national guardsmen in gas masks aiming loaded bayonets toward the campus and us! Helicopters were circling overhead and continued dropping tear gas pellets.

After moments of panic, a classmate and I both dropped our books and belongings; held our palms up to indicate a non-threatening stance; and walked slowly toward the line of guardsmen who had bayonets pointed directly at us. As we neared the line, ONE soldier stepped aside and let us pass!

Clyde’s Ordination ceremony, and Christopher’s Baptism

On the outside of the campus ring, we ran away from the area as fast as we could run– each going to our separate cars and out of the community. I never returned to the Berkeley campus again, and received my MSW from Berkeley via the mail after completing the requirements for graduation.

I returned to my former employer, Contra Costa County social services and worked in a child protective services unit.

On March 20, 1970, Suzanne and Clyde and Laurie welcomed a new addition to their family, baby Christopher. In June, Clyde graduated from seminary, and Clyde and Christopher were respectively ordained and baptised on the same day later that summer.

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