I Walked a Labyrinth Today

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I Walked A Labyrinth Today

I walked a labyrinth today
and soon paused as the labyrinth of my life appeared before me.
The twists and turns of the paths taken during 55 years with my life partner were there.
Every word of that letter of her life story was remembered and speaking to me.

I faced a labyrinth today
and became overwhelmed with memories of our shared life-journey.
The path had no east or west, no north or south.
But there it all was as she had it laid out.
Vignettes of times past flashed through my mind.

I cried a labyrinth today
With tears of joy and tears of sadness.
The memories were joyous even when the events may have been stressful.
Some were dim with the passing of time.
Some were fresh from the last few days, weeks and months.
The crying came from the hole I feel in my life.

I prayed a labyrinth today
Unable to step onto a new path, I stood with a stillness not known before.
The whole world went on as I was transported to times and places previously encountered.
They all were there.
How she put up with my idiosyncracies is beyond my comprehension.
An overwhelming feeling of thankfulness took over.

I thought of Christmas at the labyrinth today
how the stories passed down to us reveal the ancients understanding that divine was entwined in the human form;
And how the stories of Easter remind us that the holy resides in human form.
Truly, I feel that I had a 55-year glimpse of the holy as we shared the paths of our life together.
Throughout the time we had, how we enabled one another to do we did.

I walked a labyrinth tonight . . .
I teared up . . .
And I know it’s OK.
What is composure anyway, but stifled feelings.
And my feelings abound.
And are very close to the surface.
Just let them be.

Good night, my love.