Wedding to Clyde Griffith: September 1st, 1963

Wedding announcement in the Anadarko Daily News
[From a Letter to Jayni Mosher]

I wanted to be a doctor specializing in pediatrics or psychiatry from girlhood. I was a Chemistry major at O.U. and took the other required science and math courses to get into med school. I also attended summer sessions and so was able to complete my BA requirements in two and a half years. Clyde and I began dating in 1962, his senior year and my second year at O.U. It was evident to me that I could not marry Clyde and also go to medical school, because his Navy obligations were going to override any decision making regarding living situations. Additionally, my parents were very opposed to our marriage, partially because of my age (19) and also because of the fact that I was the older child and they were not ready for to loose their children. We postponed any plans of a wedding immediately after Clyde’s graduation and Naval Commission. He reported to duty near San Francisco and I stayed at Norman.

Owen and Carrie Grant, Suzanne and Clyde Griffith, Sonoma and Carroll Griffith

After the summer session, I visited him and at that time we realized that his ship’s schedule was to basically be our schedule whether we liked it or not.

We decided to marry on September 1. I returned home and took 2 weeks to pull off our little wedding. As you noted some folks were not too happy.

We were happy, however, and have never looked back!

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